Tin Can Bay Fishing Club News December 2021

Mangrove jack caught by Chris Rippon

Mangrove jack caught by Chris Rippon

Alan Rippon, President

The club held its annual general meeting in late October with a new Executive and Committee being elected. The club was left in good order by the past Executive and Committee.

Official club fishing trips have been few and far between due to wind and rain, however club members have reported some good catches of mangrove jack – a bit on the small size at times, but as the warmer weather arrives the fish will get bigger and more active.

Try using strips of poddy mullet on an unweighted rig, don’t hesitate to add some lead as the water movement increases, keep it as light as possible. Live baits have been working well, as have some of the plastic lures. By all accounts the Zerek Live Cherabin seems to be a favourite right now.

Catches of tailor are still being reported up to 60cm in length, bream are still in abundance with plenty being landed, summer whiting now starting to become more plentiful. Good sized flathead are also prevalent on the edges of drop offs during the last couple of hours of the outgoing tide. Whole prawns and pilchards have all been working well as has the Zerek Live Cherabin – yes, the same one the jacks like!

There are also a few mud crabs around in the upper reaches of the creeks at the moment, but it seems to be how many pots per crab and not how many crabs per pot. Don’t forget it’s your responsibility to know the fishing regulations.  NB Possession limit of 7 per person / 14 per boat (with 2 or more people on board). Why not have a look at the government website and give yourself a quick refresher on the regulations.


All boaties and recreational fishers are asked to keep a good look out for the large numbers of dugong and turtles that have been seen in our waters recently. Please maintain a good look out while motoring along and always be ready to take evasive action to protect them.


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