Tin Can Bay Fishing Club News December 2020

The school holidays are almost with us and we hope that families will be able to enjoy themselves without the gusty conditions and the strong wind warnings that have prevailed recently.

The flats in and around Tin Can Bay have produced reports of good summer whiting and a few flathead being landed around the foreshore on a rising tide.

Kauri Creek is still fishing well and we have received reports of good size flathead, whiting, bream and the odd mangrove jack being caught.

There have been recent reports of a few being caught on lures and live baits, as well as flesh baits.

Summer whiting are still being caught in good numbers by anglers targeting them during their prime periods of feeding according to the tides.

Large numbers of bream have been seen in the shallows throughout the bay and also can be a problem while whiting fishing, as only the odd one is of a reasonable legal size.

There have been a few flathead caught on lures lately but there is a lot of casting practice between fish.

The inside reef fishing should begin to be productive if the weather is favourable to fish for them with relative comfort on the neap tides, leading up to the full moon periods.

There are also a few mud crabs around at the moment, but it seems to be how many pots per crab and not how many crabs per pot.

All boaties and recreational fishers are asked to keep a good look out for the large numbers of dugong and turtles that have been seen in our waters recently.

Please maintain a good look out while motoring along and always be ready to take evasive action to protect them.

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