Phyllis, the owner of Silver Koru

Phyllis, the owner of Silver Koru

by (Whaea) Phyllis Peakman, The Silver Koru Massage and Holistic Healing on Rainbow Beach. 

Defining TRAUMA: A deeply distressing or disturbing experience.

When we think of trauma we automatically think veterans, police or firemen who have a high percentage rate of trauma situations and outcomes.

What is quite serious at this time is trauma from child abuse, child sexual abuse, abandonment and any situations where violence or dysfunctional behaviours occur within the child’s upbringing.

Some people still find it hard to accept that it occurs, or it occurred in their family and find it very hard to talk about it.

If you have heard the term generational trauma or attachment this is exactly where it has all come from. Too many children, women and men have suffered tremendously from this type of trauma.

By adulthood many find their way to me battered and torn. Time is a factor in healing this part of your life, as one would say life is for living happily not with the burden of the past on your shoulders. It’s not your burden it belongs to someone else.

It’s been 10 years since dedicating my work to those suffering from PTSD. Dedicated to those beautiful souls suffering from trauma. If you need my help, I am here.

Kiaora e nga mihi koutou katoa. Huge Love and light to you all. Whaea Phyllis

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