The Old Mill Site “poses no risk to public health”

With the release of the Inskip Master Plan, the issue of contamination in Rainbow Beach’s Old Mill Site has been aired in media last month.

A spokesperson for the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM)  has said, “State land managed by DNRM at Clarkson Drive, Rainbow Beach contains some contaminated materials resulting from processing mineral sands at a mill previously located on the site.

“The land is listed on the State Government’s Environmental Management Register to ensure the land is appropriately managed to ensure the community’s safety.” 

He said the Department engaged a contractor in 2008 to remove contaminated waste materials from the project area and is currently in discussions with the contractor regarding contract milestones.  

“Contaminated parts of the project area were identified though an investigation conducted by qualified environmental consultants. 

“Additionally, an existing stockpile of ilmenite in the same project area is also contaminated.

The spokesperson said that in 2012, the Department engaged Queensland Health radiation experts to investigate the beach protection zone between the project area and the beach.

They concluded, “Queensland Health has advised that the zone in its current state, considering land use and vegetation cover, poses no risk to public health.”

RBCCCN will request updates on the issue of remediation, how the Inskip Peninsula Master Plan’s proposed development is feasible and when remediation of the waste will continue.

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