The doors to the Rainbow Pizza & Grill are OPEN!

Sean, Elisa and Sofia at the new Rainbow Beach Pizza & Grill

Sean, Elisa and Sofia at the new Rainbow Beach Pizza & Grill

Sean and Elisa Seul met working in the kitchen of the Sports Club seven years ago, it was love at first sight between an Italian food lover and a passionate Australian chef.

With over 20 years of experience in hospitality, Sean is not only a professional chef, he is a manager, a teacher and a leader. By the age of 19 he owned his first restaurant serving up Greek cuisine in Cairns.

He then moved to the Gold Coast, where he owned Italiano’s. “There is no doubt that Italian Cuisine has shaped the Australian palate” explained Sean.

At Rainbow Beach Pizza & Grill you will be delighted by gourmet pizza, along with other signature dishes and a unique brew of coffee.

Elisa said: “Back in Sardinia (Italy) one of my brothers is a chef, my cousins own a Pizzeria and when we go to Italy, Sean loves checking out places, as my hometown warmly welcomes him, he comfortably ends up sneaking into the kitchens.”

She is also looking forward to starting her Italian Culture lessons again, knowing that Sean will enhance her classes with an authentic food experience.

Rainbow Beach Pizza & Grill aims to have happy and loyal customers, offering what people love. If you are looking for an amazing food experience, Sean, Elisa and Sofia will welcome you in their brand new modern restaurant. Details in the ad in this issue.

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