Thanks for supporting the west

Just a very quick report for this month!

Over the past month the Rainbow Beach Droughtrunners have been reasonably quiet, although we are now starting to build supplies for a big run to Longreach in early December.

In the past month we have sent $500 to the group Fencing for Fires in Albury and another $2000 in vouchers to CentaCare Longreach.

Our collection tins are out again and it soon adds up, as shown by Tin Can Bay Bakeries which collected $130 this month.

Another huge thank you to M Watts who donated a very substantial amount into the Bank of Qld Gympie to help out.

Wayne Kerle was heading to Longreach early last month and he took a pallet and a half of hampers plus two bags of Pumpkins and 30 Doz eggs for us.

Ruth Tramacchi headed to the Gin Gin area with a lot of water and  Hampers for three families up there which was much appreciated as people there were drinking dam water.

The Fencing for Fires Group continues to replace fencing from Corryong to Cobargo working in rain and darkness with helmet lights, as many people still have no houses or fences.

Many families are living in shipping containers donated by Andrew (Twiggy) Forest and many with burnt houses have only received $2000 (TRUE).Thank God for volunteers. We will keep donating to them.

Big W Gympie are coming on board again this year with their donation point at Gympie Central for Christmas presents, which kicks off at the start of November.

The Longreach area and the north is not in a good way, so our drop point will be at the School of Distance Education in Longreach. It’s 1250 kms from here, so if you can help it would be much appreciated as we need to take big ute and trailer loads that distance.

Many thanks, Tony Stewart. 0408767930,

BSB 124047 A/C 22599186 Bank of Qld Gympie.