Ten Tenor Kim Kirkman in Gympie

Simply classical - Kim Kirkman

Kim Kirkman

Planning a Simply Classical concert for the end of November, thoughts run inevitably in the direction of Christmas. Except we thought we keep it on the lighter side, cut out the Hallelujahs and most of the angels, and call it “A Very Merry Christmas Indeed”.

That said, we do however have a harp. We have been lucky to engage Kim Kirkman, who owns and plays such a heavenly instrument. Not only that, Kim is a high capacity musician with mastery in several musical activities and was co-founder, musical director and a member of the Ten Tenors for six years.

We also have the Hinterland’s Joe Lynch, one of the best bush poets and storytellers in the land. He has a special Christmas story for us, homemade I believe.

For a piano item or two, Harriette Watson will have a jazzy Christmas number for us, and the Gympie Strings are practicing several items on the theme,.

Naomi Thurlow has promised for the James Nash choir to perform for us again. Whatever they sing, they are always sensational.

All told, lots of things to look forward to. Concert Sunday 2pm, November 25, St. Patrick’s Church, Gympie, $15 adults $6 children.

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