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Costa Georgiadis with Aunt and Uncle, Debbie and Jim George visit Rainbow Beach State School

Costa Georgiadis with Aunt and Uncle, Debbie and Jim George visit Rainbow Beach State School

Members of the Tin Can Bay Fishing Club have been very busy during the past few weeks, enjoying a variety of social events, as well as assisting other community groups. These include assisting the Cooloola Dragon Boat Club during their recent Regatta at Tin Can Bay and the very successful annual fundraiser for Sailability.

Community members enjoyed the Sailability Fundraiser held at the Cooloola Cove Vets Hall with the very entertaining Guest speaker, ABC Gardening Australia Host Costa Georgiadis. Over 170 people enjoyed the morning tea provided by members of the Tin Can Bay Fishing Club, Cooloola Garden Group and Sailability.

On behalf of all groups involved, we would like to thank Guest Speaker Costa Georgiadis, our community members, sponsors and supporters who have made this day so successful with $2,348.00 being raised for Sailability Tin Can Bay.

Costa also attended the Rainbow Beach Public School and was welcomed by all the students who enjoyed his visit to their school garden. School students were given guidance on planting of trees, and advice on gardening and the need to care for our environment.

The Club’s new storage shed has now been completed and we would like to thank the Gympie Regional Council, the Queensland Government, all our local groups, organisations and community members for their support and assistance and to Just Sheds in Gympie for making our objective become a reality.

Members recently enjoyed a day out targeting Squid in the Tin Can Bay Inlet and there were some good catches in and around the entrance to Carlo. Outside fishing is resulting in good catches of Reef Fish including Pearl Perch, Snapper, Cobia and Tusk Fish.

There are reports of good catches of whiting, bream and flathead in the Tin Can Bay inlets, creeks and estuary areas and the successful fishos are those who spend a little time understanding the fish’s habits and habitats. Fishing the beach gutters have produced Dart, Tailor, Flathead, Bream and Whiting.

Identifying where the fish may be feeding takes practise but once you’ve worked it out, your fishing experience and catches will improve. Best baits are yabbies, chicken breast, squid, pilchards, mullet and a variety of soft plastics.

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