Take the time to slow down and keep your chin up these school holidays

Queensland Road Safety Action PlanMotorists are once again being urged to watch their speed and not get distracted while driving ahead of school holidays starting this weekend.

Acting Minister for Main Roads and Road Safety Steven Miles urged all Queenslanders hitting the roads these school holidays to be safe particularly with many families travelling to holiday destinations.

“Already it’s been a really bad run on the roads this morning after a couple of accidents on the M1, including a car crashing into a parked fire truck,” Mr Miles said.

“Road trauma has a ripple effect on entire communities and my thoughts are with the driver who’s been taken to hospital and his family and friends.

“Tragically, 13 people have been killed on Queensland roads so far this month and 174 since the start of the year (as of 14 Sept).

“We know school holidays are a busy time on our road, but we all have a responsibility when we get behind the wheel.

“Around half of all speed-related crashes that kill or seriously injure people on our roads happen at just 10km/h or less over the speed limit.

“Too many motorists think they can speed safely but our message is simple – speeding kills.”

Mr Miles said driver distraction like illegal mobile phone use while driving continues to be a problem.

“In 2016, driver distraction and inattention contributed to 28 fatalities on Queensland roads,” he said.

“Every single person behind the wheel has a responsibility for the safety of others while on our roads so don’t let a split second decision to just check your mobile end in tragedy.”

Mr Miles said the successful Easter 2017 road safety campaign “Let’s change the way we look at speed” will run until 2 October, highlighting the dangers of speeding.

“Every road user needs to know and avoid the fatal five risky driving behaviours: speeding, driver distraction, fatigue, lack of correct restraints and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs,” he said.

“Fatal car crashes are preventable – there is simply no need for deaths or serious injuries on our roads if we all abide by the road rules and drive to the conditions.”

Mr Miles said the Palaszczuk Government recently released the Queensland Road Safety Action Plan 2017-2019 aimed at reducing death and serious injury on Queensland roads.

“The Road Safety Action Plan is the Palaszczuk Government’s commitment to achieving a vision of zero fatalities and serious injuries on our roads, an ambitious visit that will only be possible if everyone in our community plays their part,” Mr Miles said.

“This plan encompasses all aspects of road safety – from safer roads to driver behaviour. We are absolutely committed to implementing tangible initiatives which make a difference to reduce road trauma.”

For a copy of the 2017-2019 Road Safety Action Plan visit https://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/Safety/Road-safety/Strategy-and-action-plans.aspx

For more information on road safety initiatives, visit www.jointhedrive.qld.gov.au/speeding


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