Students have a ball tinkering with toys

Mrs Sutton, Amy (Year 2 student) and Mrs Battaglene (HaSS /Science teacher)

Mrs Sutton, Amy (Year 2 student) and Mrs Battaglene (HaSS /Science teacher)

Mrs Battaglene (TCB P-4 HaSS teacher) 

The Year 2’s at Tin Can Bay P-10 School, have been playing around in their HaSS (Humanities and Social Sciences) lessons this term. To be more specific, students have been enthusiastically engaged in learning about vintage toys, including how they have changed and stayed the same over time.

The class display is second to none, with a selection of artefacts from the past, which the children can investigate through hands-on interaction. Kathy Sutton and a local hobbyist donated wooden toys for the school children to utilise for years to come, so we’re very grateful for their contribution.

It’s wonderful how the community, school and home can all band together to assist our children’s education.

2020 Tin Can Bay School Cross Country

Last month, students in Years 4-10 ventured out to the foreshore to participate in the annual Cross Country. The morning started out with clear blue skies – perfect weather for a run through the bush and along the beach.

Participation was high this year and all students should be congratulated for their efforts and team spirit.  After all age groups had crossed the line and the points calculated, Tuncan was announced as the TCB Cross Country Champion House for 2020, winning by a mere three points! Congratulations Tuncan!