Spring into shape for summer

Mark from the Rainbow Beach Fitness Centre helps out at the RBSS Fitness Club - come and try one of his classes at the gym - there are up to six sessions a day

Mark from the Rainbow Beach Fitness Centre helps out at the RBSS Fitness Club – come and try one of his classes at the gym – there are up to six sessions a day

Look out, here are five different classes, with up to six classes a day, Tuesday to Saturday.

Mark is a Personal Trainer, has been a Rainbow local for over two years, and at Rainbow Beach Gym since the New Year.

He has been training people for over 23 years, as well as Muay Thai (kickboxing) and MMA Fighter and Trainer, he is qualified in Exercise Physiology from Griffith University.

Mark says, “My biggest thing with what I do, is functional movement. That’s what I tend to target more than anything else.”

Instead of working around things that have gone wrong – Mark focuses on corrective work so that natural, or primal, movement returns.

“A lot of my one-on-one clients will eventually leave. If they aren’t in a position to do it on their own, I haven’t done my job properly.”

This is also true with classes, “You can come in and do the Body Sculpt class, learn the mechanics of your body and how to use the machine, so you can come in on your own and benefit.”

Remember part of your membership, is a one-on-one, gym familiarisation session with Mark.

“Everybody is capable.” With his background in fight gyms, Mark knows that the mental is just as important as the physical side, when people want to make change.

“Some people need one-on-one at training, but we try to accommodate this in a class as well.”

Now with classes before and after work, and in between school drop-off and pick up, Mark says, “People who are members, and haven’t been able to make previous times, hopefully they can now.”

He encourages locals to join the gym and give it a try. There will be 1-2 casual classes available, the rest are members only.

Collect your new timetable today from the gym after December 3 (when it reopens after Country at the Beach), call 5486 3191 (ex 1) or check out the Rainbow Beach 24/7 Fitness Centre on Facebook.

New classes for summer

HIIT Circuit

Body conditioning, endurance and resistance training. High intensity, targets strength and muscular endurance. It’s tough but everyone makes it through!

Combat Body

A mix of cardio and bodyweight movements. High intensity. Targets full body muscular and cardio endurance…. You will feel this one!

Barbell Cardio

Moderate to High Intensity. A full body workout using pump bars…or step up to a big bar! Check it out for yourself.

Body Sculpt

Increase muscle tone and quality, learn how to lift correctly and achieve your desired physique.

Low to high intensity Pad Sessions

Punch, kick, knee, elbow and grapple your way to fitness one-on-one with a Muay Thai (kickboxing) and MMA Fighter and Trainer. Bring a friend and learn to work the pads and bags together. You won’t just sweat, you will learn stuff too! All capabilities, temperaments and fitness levels catered for.

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