Speak up to protect your Cooloola Great Walk

The Queensland Government is seeking input from the community on the type of eco-tourism services and facilities that could be offered to bush walkers travelling the 102km Cooloola Great Walk walking trail.

The Cooloola Great Walk is a walking and camping experience that links Noosa North Shore with Rainbow Beach.

The services and facilities being considered by the State Government include low-impact eco- accommodation, guided tours and additional bushwalking experiences.

Cr Mark McDonald said that with around three quarters of the Cooloola Great Walk falling within the Gympie region, it’s important that our residents speak up and have their say.

“This walk is a great asset to our community and it’s enjoyed by locals and visitors alike,” said Cr McDonald.

“We need our communities to know about this consultation activity being conducted by the State Government and to speak up to have their voices heard.”

Visit https://qorf.org.au/cooloola-greatwalk/ for more information on this State Government initiative.

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