Slow down, school’s back – 40km/h at designated times

Police from Gympie Patrol Group are reminding all motorists that children are back at school now.

There will be many excited students and parents around our schools this week, therefore it will become a very busy place.

Police are urging motorists to be aware, pay attention and stick to the correct speed limit through school zones. Most school zones are 40km/h at designated times.

Please obey other road rules around schools regarding designated parking areas, no standing/parking zones and ensure the drop-off and pick-up areas are being utilised correctly.

Discuss with your children the rules for school zones and provide clear instructions on how to stay safe during drop-off and pick-up times.

Do not put your children at risk by walking onto busy roadways or out between cars to cross the road. Discuss with your children how to use a pedestrian crossing safely (stop, look, listen and think) and if available, always use a pedestrian crossing which has a crossing supervisor to assist you and your children to cross the road and get to school safely.

If your child is riding a push bike to school, please ensure they are wearing an approved safety helmet which is fitted correctly.

To ensure the safety of our children this week and all year, please be aware, school zones are clearly signed. When in active school zones, stay under 40km/h and pay attention to the road as circumstances can change quickly.

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