Sign up for season four of table tennis

Games aplenty on Wednesday nights as table tennis builds to the end of season three. Tin Canners held a commanding lead on the table going into the final two rounds, with 140 points, followed by Sports Power on 117 and Ace Cubes 112.

Bing Bongs have 62, Rainbow Realty 48, Thistles 44 and Kiwi Connect 31. Rainbow Rascals replaced Escape halfway through the season and are playing competitively.

Like most things in Rainbow Beach, table tennis is impacted by people going on holidays, getting married, visiting relatives or going fishing, but there has been a good supply of replacements and fill ins to keep competition alive. Season four will start November 14, so nominate to Bob or Wolf.

Wednesday morning social games are becoming more popular and thanks to the community centre there are now four very good tables available to accommodate interest and activity.

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