Sign on for Nippers fun!

Abby Schooth encourages other kids to join in the fun of Nippers

Abby Schooth encourages other kids to join in the fun of Nippers

As the next start of the next season and my second year as Junior Activities Co-ordinator approaches quickly, I am eagerly looking forward to another round of Rainbow Beach Nippers.

The warmer weather in an absolutely perfect location cannot come quick enough. Nippers is a fantastic sport to have children involved in.

Having four daughters myself, and over the years spending every opportunity down on Rainbow Beach sand, I felt nippers would be a fantastic activity to have my children participate in. This will be our fifth season.

Nippers incorporates plenty of beach fun and games, while also learning surf awareness and developing surf safety skills. Each year these skills are developed under the guidance of their age managers.

Being one of the smaller clubs, our club combines fun and sport with a family and community feel about it.

Rainbow Beach nippers, like many other junior sports, is run by volunteers. We have active members, associate members, young members who have come up through the nippers age groups, parents, and other family members who all help in various ways to provide a successful nipper program.

I enjoy being a part of something that is positive, informative and beneficial for my own children and others also.

If you are members returning for another season, or if you would like to join the Rainbow Beach nipper program for the 2015-2016 season, we will be holding two sign-on days at the Rainbow Beach Aquatic Centre;

  • Sunday, September 20,  9am – 11am
  • Saturday, September 26, 9am – 11am

The minimum age for a child to join in the Junior activities is 5 years (U6), up to a maximum of 13 years (U14). The child must be 5 years by September 30.

Swim competency evaluations will be carried out at the sign on. Please bring your swimmers and a towel.

All the required forms to complete enrolments will be there on the day. New members wanting to sign on, please bring identification.

Looking forward to seeing new and familiar faces.

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