See the dolphins this holidays

Even with the cold mornings during August, we were still welcoming a lot of visitors to the Dolphin Centre. Many European families travelling, and of course the southerners escaping their cold weather.

Some days the dolphins were a little late, but a good mix: Mystique and Patch would come in first and then a little later Ella and Joe would turn up.  Aussie and Luna hadn’t been as frequent as last month at feeding time but would come in after 10am. Perhaps the cooler temperature does have some effect on their timing.

A wonderful experience for our visitors to see the two calves “Joe” and “Luna”. They are growing so well that from a distance they are hard to distinguish from their mothers.

I wish to thank all the volunteers for taking on extra days while so many of us have either had sickness or on holidays. It is a delight to work with you all and these dolphins. We do meet so many interesting locals and visitors.

See you there, Norma Sanderson

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