Sea Salt @ Rainbow is a fresh approach

Sea Salt @ Rainbow Newsagency Market Café

Sea Salt @ Rainbow Newsagency Market Café

Walk down Rainbow Beach’s main street and you will see a brand new shop called Sea Salt @ Rainbow.

Owner Ruth Modin and her store are both institutions in Rainbow Beach – and been there for 36 years!

The newsagency/supermarket is now reinstated after the fire that devastated the shop and surrounding businesses last October.

“We’re really so sorry that such a big part of town has looked like a construction site for so long – we want to apologise for the barriers. But things are much better already!”

Peek inside and it’s huge – with a vibrant cement floor, and the latest new Golden Casket shop fittings and ATM.

“It’ll just look bigger and brighter! We are going to be introducing many more things we didn’t have last time.”

The space is dedicated to the supermarket and newsagency, but there’s a wall of new refrigeration that will handle a larger fruit and vegetable selection and deli, plus an expanded area for gifts.

Ruth says there are two things she is most looking forward to: “Having 95% of what people need when they come into the shop – and welcoming old customers back!”

Standing in the small ‘pop up shop’, Ruth says, “This here will become another top class café – still serving fish and chips. You have no idea how many people ask that question.”

She said it will be a family effort – her grandkids and their mums, Shelley Jones and Tuppy Modin, were working hard to get it ready for an early April opening.

“They’ve always been here – always involved and it’s no different. They helped cart everything to the dump, now they’re here to help put the new shelving up and stock in.

“We’ll run it ourselves, we have to – there’ll be a few baristas amongst them!” Ruth joked.

The end site is still under construction for another month or so.

“Expect old favourites plus new upmarket food,” Ruth smiles, “we have just ordered furniture for the new deck!”

Sea Salt @ Rainbow Newsagency Market Café looks forward to another 35 years of business, with locals and tourists alike.

Just like the Sea Salt name, they plan for a seaside holiday atmosphere on the main street!

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