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Dr Aarjun Chadha, known as RJ to the Coloured Sands Clinic

Dr Aarjun Chadha, known as RJ to the Coloured Sands Clinic

Dr Aarjun Chadha, known as RJ to the Coloured Sands Clinic, is currently renting in Gympie, but hopes to buy a home in the local area soon. Having only moved here last month he is enjoying exploring the area, and enviously watching all the 4WD enthusiasts!

How you are settling in?

Dr William has built a fantastic clinic with a reputation for providing affordable and quality dental care. This has been reflected in how happy our patients are when they come in for treatment or check-ups.

The staff have all made me feel so welcome and I can’t thank them enough. Sonya is an amazing nurse, with years of private and public experience.

Jess is so friendly and wonderful at making our patients feel like they are part of something bigger than just a dental clinic. Kaysea is hilarious and I have so much fun as we bounce of each other and our patients. To be frank, I could not of dreamed of a better team to be a part of.

Where were you practicing before?

Following graduation from Griffith University I have worked in private practice in Nanango and Kingaroy. I have also been involved in volunteer work with the indigenous community of Cherbourg and the homeless of Brisbane.

I really enjoy providing dental services to people less fortunate and strongly believe that success in business walks hand in hand with a strong social conscience.

What brought your work to Cooloola?

Having heard so many good things about Dr William I jumped at the chance to work alongside him. He has generously offered to mentor me through my dental implant studies.

Plans for the practice?

I would like to continue the good work that the team provide, and I plan to support the local RSL and other great clubs in the area. I also love working in paediatric (kids) dentistry and I hope to get involved with the school.

Dr William is very advanced with his implant and oral surgery work. As such, he services are in high demand throughout the state and he will be away from the practice with this. I am studying post graduate course in dental implantology; so with Dr William’s mentorship and these studies, I am looking forward to continuing his great work.

What are the plans for other health professionals in the clinic?

Offering allied health to our community in one location is very important to our practice and we are trying to bring in a GP and physio. However, this will take time and effort, which I am committed to achieving.

What do you likes about the Cooloola Coast?

Having the beautiful Rainbow beach to explore, as well as enjoying the markets and fresh produce of Tin Can Bay. It is a fantastic area that I am so excited to become a part of.

Call RJ and the Coloured Sands Clinic team for an appointment at Cooloola Cove Shopping Centre today on 07 5488 0271.

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