Scientists blitz Cooloola

BioBlitzers will document plants, animals, invertebrate and fungi

BioBlitzers will document plants, animals, invertebrate and fungi

BioBlitz, a collaboration between the Fraser Island Defenders Organisation and Cooloola Coastcare will be held in across northern Cooloola and Rainbow Beach, August 24 to 26.

Dr Lindy Orwin of Cooloola Coastcare explained it is an ambitious citizen science program, open to anyone with an interest in natural history, irrespective of their expertise, to document plants, animals, invertebrate, fungi and our regions natural living resources.

“It is anticipated over 100 participants from South East Queensland and beyond, including complete novices through to experts will attend, with experts helping the less experienced identify and learn more about nature in the process,” she said.

“The bush will be blooming with new life at the end of August and we expect a much younger group of  BioBlitzers to join us, eager to learn about nature and discover as much as possible, learning from some very experienced mentors,” said Dr. John Sinclair, CEO, Fraser Island Defenders Organisation.

“Cooloola is already on the World Heritage Tentative List and this citizen science project will help build the case to enable it to be recognized as one of the great wonders of the natural world,” he added.

He said that the partnership between FIDO and Cooloola Coastcare would not only add to the knowledge of Cooloola’s living natural resource, but would provide baseline data to be compared with information from future BioBlitzes anticipated over the next three years.

For further information or to get involved, contact John Sinclair 0418 650 535 or Lindy Orwin 0478 039 322.

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