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 The cutest RV we saw in Ida Bay, Tasmania, a  'Home on Wheels'

The cutest RV we saw in Ida Bay, Tasmania, a ‘Home on Wheels’

Margaret Grant

We have travelled many, many thousands of kilometres around Australia and it never ceases to amaze us at the variety of recreation vehicles (RVs) on the road. We have seen monstrous motorhomes at the motorhome rallies we have attended and then some very cute tiny ones as well.

It makes us think, “Which type of RV do we want to continue our travels in?” Have you ever considered this important question? I thought that this month I would tell you about some of the interesting RVs that we had seen in our travels.

Maybe that can start you thinking about which RV would suit you, if you are not already doing the travel scene. If you want to see more about our Saturn on the Retirement Trail, check out our new Facebook page called, Saturn on the Retirement Trail.

Many retirees decide to sell up their home and hit the road permanently; while others have their children move into their home while they feed their travel bug. Trish and Adrian are just such a couple.

We caught up with them in Tasmania a few years ago and they taught us to saunter around at a maximum 40km/hr on little country roads.

This is where we saw the cutest RV. We had stopped to take a train ride to Ida Bay to see the history of the timber getters of the turn of the century. I asked the owner of this cute ‘Home on Wheels’ if I could take a photo of his vehicle.

Proudly, he told me that he had designed it and had done all the work. We could see the passion he had for his unique vehicle. As long as you have a passion for travel, you will find the vehicle that suits you.

While you are thinking about your retirement vehicle, remember it could also be a boat. Recently, we have had two people who have spoken to us about their very happy experiences with their Saturn Antenna on a boat.

One of the long-term residents of Rainbow Beach, Stoney, came to us to replace his 20-year-old antenna for a brand new one. He didn’t even consider any other antenna for his boat. And, would you believe it, but the Photo Queen didn’t even get a photo of this repeat customer. Stoney, be prepared. I will be down to get a pic for the next issue of this newspaper. Hahaha.

The second person who spoke to us about his antenna for his boat was Grant from Newcastle, NSW. He and his wife, Janelle, stopped by our stand at the Sydney Caravan Show to tell us how delighted they were with their seven-year-old antenna that they have on their boat that cruises from Lake Macquarie, NSW, to Hinchinbrook Islands, Qld.

Their question was “Does it wear out?”. Peter, with a laugh, told them about Stoney’s 20-year-old antenna. “Great news,” said Grant.

If you want to know more about the Saturn Antenna that is made right here in Rainbow Beach, check contact us:

Telephone 07 5486 3471





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