Saturn on the Retirement Trail – Moss Vale

Peter at Burrawang Hotel

Peter at Burrawang Hotel

After having some nice warm days at home, going back to chilly nights and cooler days was a little bit of a shock for us. We knew we would be in for some cooler weather because Moss Vale is situated in the Southern Highlands of NSW. But it was still colder than we expected.

It’s a shame we were a month or two too late for the spring with all the new shoots on the trees. I hear that it is truly magnificent to see the new leaves bursting into life.

The only day we had free was on the Wednesday before the show. Even though it was a miserable rainy day, we took ourselves off for a little drive around the area. Moss Vale is part of a closely settled region that includes Mittagong, Berrima and Bowral and lots of tiny communities. One of these very small towns is Burrawang. With the misty rain, interspersed with quick heavy showers, we were reminded of a typical little English village with lots of very tall leafy trees and quaint cottages tucked behind hedges and massive flowering gardens. Of course, we just had to have lunch at the pub and chat with some of the locals.

There have been a number of industries in this area, the first of which was cattle grazing in 1819. Charles Throsby was the first land owner in the district and established a cattle property. With its rich volcanic soil and good rainfall, the area was home to sheep and many agricultural industries such as potato growing and dairying. Today, Moss Vale is mostly light-to-medium industries with the dairying industry taking a back seat.

There is so much to explore in the area and very close to the south coast of Nowra, Wollongong and Bateman’s Bay. When we are going past next time, we are going to pop in to the Sir Donald Bradman Centre to check out the cricket museum. I hope you make time to enjoy this part of our beautiful country.

Satellite TV reception

If you are holidaying at Inskip Point, Freshwater Campgrounds or Rainbow Waters Holiday Park at Carlo Point, you will find that the TV reception from our local TV transmitter is very poor. The best way to get TV reception in those areas is with a satellite dish.

This will give you TV reception anywhere in Australia as long as you have clear view of the northern sky – no trees in the way. We have been selling satellite systems for 15 years and helping travellers get their favourite programs while they enjoy their 12-volt camping. Get in quickly (before December 14) and Peter will help you get set up in a matter of minutes. Call us on 07 5486 3471.

Christmas closure

Yes, we are on the home run to Christmas. Hopefully, you have done all the shopping and the decorations will be going up very soon. This year, we, at Saturn Antennas, are closing early. We are off to Cairns to spend Christmas with family. After December 14, you can see Bruce and Terri at Rainbow Beach Hardware to purchase a Saturn Antenna. We will be closed till January 7, 2019.

Merry Christmas to all enjoying Rainbow Beach. May you have a wonderful time and a safe and happy new year.

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