Saturn on the retirement trail – Brisbane

We had a wonderful time at the Brisbane Caravan Supershow

We had a wonderful time at the Brisbane Caravan Supershow

Because  I am a ‘morning  person’, I’m not fussed  about winter with its short days.  I like to have a leisurely start to  the day.

With  winter,  the sun rises  later and so when  I wake, I have to hit  the floor running. Are you  like that? Or are you a ‘night  person’ and love the early dinners  and tuck up in a cosy bed with plenty  of time for a good TV show?

Speaking  of winter,  “Hello” to all  our southern visitors  who come here to escape  their really  cold winters  and laugh at  us Queenslanders  that shiver on a  brisk morning and say  to one another, “It’s a bit  cold this morning.” We hope you  enjoy our lovely region.

And  did you  know that  Rainbow Beach is  the birthplace of  the Saturn Antenna?  Did you know that the  Saturn Antenna is the Bestest Antenna  in the Whole World for the Traveller?  Hahaha. I bet you thought I made a spelling  mistake back there. Nope. I just wanted to get  your attention. Hahaha.

After  all that  waffle, let’s  get down to tin  tacks. Saturn on the  Retirement Trail. This last  month has been filled with caravan  shows in Cairns, Mackay, Maitland and  Brisbane. Whew! What a whirlwind.

Before  I forget,  a big shout-out  to Steve and Michelle  from Hervey Bay who called  to see us at the Brisbane Caravan Supershow  and report how happy they are with their Saturn  Antenna.

Now  we are  home from  our hectic five  months on the road,  we can settle back to  enjoy the region around Rainbow  Beach. We have so many wonderful  things here for you to see and do  when you stay in Rainbow Beach. Check  out the pages in this newspaper for that.

Also,  you can  use Rainbow Beach  as a base for exploring  the surrounding area. One place  we are definitely going back to is  the Bush Camp at Kilkivan. Peter had to  go and help Peter and Allison set up a satellite  dish out there.

These  two are  having a ball  in their retirement/semi-retirement.  They are travelling to different parts  of the country writing about caravans, motorhomes,  caravan parks and all things for the traveller. We had  a good chat to them at the Brisbane show when they purchased  the satellite dish from us.

Are  you travelling  and find difficulty  getting TV reception with  a normal antenna? Have you considered  using a satellite dish to get the Australian  digital channels? Talk to us at Saturn Antennas 07  5486 3471 before making up your mind.

We  have  been selling  satellite equipment  for the traveller for  15 years. But it may not  be necessary to outlay money  for a satellite system. You may have  a problem with the wiring or connections  in your existing antenna system.

Peter,  with his  40+ years experience  with TV antennas, has  sorted thousands of TV reception  problems for the traveller.

Call  us and  we can help  you assess the  best solution for  you.

Safe  travelling,

Peter  and Margaret

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