Residents unite to bring back golf course

Residents unite to bring back golf course

Residents unite to bring back golf course

Bring your watering cans, golf sticks and more to the Rainbow Beach Golf Course on Monday, November 3 at 10am. Show your support that Rainbow Beach wants its golf course to stay.

Last month, Gympie MP David Gibson welcomed Minister Cripps decision to return the undeveloped land at Rainbow Shores to the people of Queensland when the development lease expired on the 31st October.

“I congratulate Minister Cripps on a decision that will end uncertainty regarding this land. This will mean that the new Master Plan for Rainbow Beach will guide the development in the area once it is released later this year.” Mr Gibson said.

“I certainly feel vindicated in refusing to yield to inappropriate pressures to interfere in the process.”

“We saw the previous Labor Government get caught up in a proposed land swap deal for the lease, then the Gympie Council rejecting the development application and on appeal the Planning and Environment court upholding the rejection.”

“Despite the doomsayers saying the town was ‘closed for business’ after that decision, it was clear from the community meeting that I chaired in June 2013 that there was strong community support for a master plan for Rainbow Beach.”

“Local residents see a bright future for this beautiful part of Queensland and now the master plan will ensure that this site can achieve its full potential.”

“After consideration the State Government determined the most appropriate tenure for lot 1 was freehold. The site was offered at market value to the current leaseholder but they did not accept.”

“By now allowing lot 1 to be put up for freehold on the open market will ensure that the people of Queensland get the best value for this prime real estate site.”

“I believe that the majority of people want to see a balance between the economic development opportunities on the peninsula and as well as protecting the environmental values of the area.”

“I have also written to the CEO of the Gympie Regional Council requesting that council consider taking over the current Rainbow Beach golf course site and retaining it as a community facility.”

Council is yet to receive formal advice on the fate of the land, but will meet with representatives in November. Acting Mayor, Tony Perret has assured the Community News, “We are keen to have further dialogue with the community about the Rainbow Beach Master Plan, and welcome any information council receives from the state government as soon as possible.”

Business woman, Ruth Modin said, “It’s a crying shame to let a sporting facility like this go to ruin. It enhances life in Rainbow Beach and is the fabric of the community. We need our golf course!”

Representatives from Rainbow Beach Commerce and Tourism, Rainbow Shores Social Golf Club, Residents and Ratepayers and the Progress Association have all indicated they are keen to see the Golf Course stay.

Cafe owner and local golfer, Jay Kent is adamant, “The Golf Course is of benefit to the Shores and all the community. We want to form a Rainbow Beach Golf Club, use the current golf course on Clarkson Road, leased from Council with the Department of Natural Resources’s permission to use it as a community sporting facility.”

See you on the green, November 3 at 10am.

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