Rainbow’s Little Italy

Learn basic Italian and dine with the "All Italians" at Arcobaleno on the Beach: Elisa Mele Seul, Paolo Sheshu and Alessia Castiglioni

Learn basic Italian and dine with the “All Italians” at Arcobaleno on the Beach: Elisa Mele Seul, Paolo Sheshu and Alessia Castiglioni

Wednesdays in Rainbow are gaining a green, white and red accent.

Locals are invited to join the group “You say spghedi, I say spaghetti,” created by Elisa Mele Seul, an experienced Education Manager from Italy.

You now have the opportunity to learn Italian, but mostly you can enjoy an Italian experience in town, with Arcobaleno on the Beach (known as Arcos) giving you the perfect background.

Elisa said it was her daughter who inspired the classes.

“Sofia is two years old and I have only spoken Italian with her since she was in the womb. We speak Italian even when we are around town or at playgroups, so some residents started to say that they would like to learn Italian or that their kids were interested.

“Been born and raised in the Italian island of Sardinia I was bilingual myself and at school I kept adding more languages, as in High School.”

In fact, Elisa specialised in foreign literatures and cultures, with an impressive command of French, Spanish, English, Latin and of course Italian and Sardinian.

Elisa told us she arrived at Cooloola Cove in 2013 to work as a nanny, “After a week I came to see Rainbow Beach and it has been love at first sight; after one year I met Sean and I have been here since.”

Arcos has been home for many Italians during the past years, with Tony and Tanya Heading welcoming their adopted team, some of whom have settled in our community.

Elisa admitted, “If I am homesick, Arcos helps me soothe the spirit, some of the staff there are also Italian and they will be helping me in recreating the foreign atmosphere.”

Elisa hopes the classes will be ongoing, “The Community Centre offers a great space for classes and meetings, a bit more private to build the foundation of learning. I have a feeling we will end up mixing cooking classes and Italian lessons!

“I am looking forward to be able to share who I really am and to be understood while connecting with other locals.”

Who does not like Italian food? Imagine being able to order it in Italian on the last Wednesday of each month.

So learn the basics in an easy way – 5pm until 6/6.30pm, every Wednesday in May at the Rainbow Beach Community Centre. It is $75pp for the first three classes (plus pay for your dinner on the 29th).

Whilst you are enjoying a lovely al fresco meal, remember the one rule: be a tourist for one evening, pretending you are in Italy and you have to speak and understand Italian!

Find out more: 0499050965elisa.leader@gmail.com

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