Rainbow Beach Steps to beach closed

Council - rainbow beach council steps WEBThe Phil Rodgers beach access stairs have been closed due to significant erosion of the beach at the base of the stairs.  This has resulted in the stairs no longer resting in the sand making them unsafe.

Geotechnical designs are currently being prepared to determine the most practical response with the aim of having them available for use before the end of March.

Due to heavy swells predicted, Council removed the aluminium stairs to avoid damage to them. They will aim to place “massive sand pillows” around the base.

Cr Mark McDonald, stated, “We don’t want the stairs out of action one minute longer than they need to be.”

Our 15/16 capital works program includes the following projects for the coast:

  • Rainbow Shores Drive Pathway renewal (reconstruction of sections of pathway damaged by tree roots etc)
  • Clarkson Drive kerb and channel renewal between Rainbow Beach Road and Indigo Avenue
  • Rainbow Beach Road footpath construction between Aquatic Centre and Green Valley Drive
  • Upgrade of Tin Can Bay Esplanade pathway
  • Pathway improvements at Tin Can Bay School
  • Stormwater drainage upgrades at Pinta Court and Queen Elizabeth Drive at Cooloola Cove.

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