Rainbow Beach State School – P & C Report November 2020

Rainbow Beach State School P&C

Welcome to Term 4, the last term of the year for us at the Rainbow Beach State School P&C.

It’s definitely a busy term for our school, our kids and all their families.  When we live in such a small community it’s a case of ‘all hands on deck’ at school, at home and at work.

With many families here also running businesses, or working for other businesses in the community we are a town which definitely doesn’t get much of a break on holidays, or during the school term.

Which brings me to another thing which we all know, ‘many hands make light work’.  Even though all of us are busy, giving just a couple hours of your time here and there makes a huge difference to everyone.

Thanks to all the P&C fundraising efforts, we have donated a significant amount to the Year 4/5/6 camp which enables all families to send their children by lowering the cost of the camp to parents.

Without fundraisers and volunteers, this is not possible, so we thank all our loyal volunteers and contributors.

We are continuing to fundraise as much as we can with the following events: Bunnings sausage sizzle, election day sausage sizzle and bake stall, and the fishing comp raffle nights. We would love a couple of extra hands to raise funds for graduation gifts, the yearly gift of a book for every child, and next years’ class camps.

So help us help the school, and the kids and the families in this community, through seeing if you can manage to give a little something (time, donation, support or anything else), as anything anyone can give helps lots of our community residents.

We hope the Year 4,5 and 6 camp was fun, challenging and all the kids conquered their fears (high ropes and walking 13kms!) and have a sense of achievement.

A big congratulations to Ms McColl and Mr Bennett for organising a locally based camp that combines challenge and adventure with our local environment, schools and businesses.

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