Rainbow Beach fishing report March 2016

Vanessa caught her very own Maori cod

Vanessa caught her very own Maori cod

Tony Stewart
07 5486-8666

Since our last report many trips have been cancelled due to very windy weather. When we have ventured out, the catches have been good for this time of year with a variety of species.

Our main species caught have been Moses and pearl perch with the odd 5kg pearlie coming onboard.

Snappery squire have also been a consistent catch on the wider reefs along with Maori cod.

Other species landed have included hussar, red emperor, mahi mahi and amberjack up to 25 kgs.

With the amount of rain we have now had it may have flushed nutrients from the straits to improve fishing on the closer reefs.

This may also improve the mackerel fishing over the coming months, if you can keep the sharks at bay.

Till next month, good fishing and stay safe.

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