Rainbow Beach Fishing Report April 2016

Summer snapper on Baitrunner

Summer snapper on Baitrunner

Tony Stewart
07 5486-8666

The last month has been dogged by bad weather and we’ve just had the one trip out since our last report. They had a good catch of snapper, pearl perch, Moses perch and parrot.

Unfortunately I had to do a hurried trip to Victoria and another crew took the boat out for me, which was much appreciated. Hopefully I will be back for Easter and hopefully we will have better weather over the school holidays for visitors.

If April brings lower water temperatures it will produce good snapper. The weather normally starts to improve around now, so we may see some more mackerel turn up, as they have been very scarce so far this season.

The North Coast Deaf Fishing Club from Brisbane had a magnificent day out on the water. They had been out with us a few years ago, and all left as happy as Larry – see some of the catches on this page. They can’t wait to get back again!

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