Rainbow Beach Fishing Report

Scotty was stoked to add a nice Red Emperor to his mixed bag

Scotty was stoked to add a nice Red Emperor to his mixed bag

Hi everyone, what an up and down month we’ve had weather wise, not so good for boating and fishing however I think the surfers have really enjoyed the swell and conditions.

We have only managed to get a couple of trips in which is a real shame as the fish we have been getting on those trips have been great.  Bag outs on quality size Parrot on most trips along with Husser, Pearl Perch, Moses Perch, Snapper and Gold Spot Wrass have been filling the eskies with great colour and variety.  A few nice Red Emperor and Trout have been landed in the couple of trips we managed to get in and, of course, several of those frustrating 54cm Reds!

In the straits, Jacks are still active along with the odd decent Barra. While the quantity of Barra is far less than the northern regions, the size of some caught around these areas is great with quite a few over the meter and up to 120cm.

Flathead are still active around the shallows and seem to be feeding more on the first half of the run out tide up on the flats instead of the edges of the banks and drains.  I had a flick with the plastics the other day walking around the back of the banks and fishing the tops with half a meter of water over them and had 4 nice Flathead in 15 minutes which is great fun in the shallow water.

Let’s hope this weather will settle down in April and we get some great fishing in.

‘Til next report, take care, cheers Mat

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