Rainbow Beach fishing report

All smiles for the guys on Baitrunner with another great day

All smiles for the guys on Baitrunner with another great day

Hi all, it has been an excellent month at sea with the majority of trips bringing in not only large quantities of fish, but really good quality! Unfortunately the weather has still been up to its usual tricks and prevented us getting out as often as we would have liked.

It’s difficult to establish whether the improved fishing has been due to the decent rain or the constant searching and trying of new grounds, maybe it’s a combination of both; either way it has been great.

Weather permitting; fishing out wider has been very productive, with good size red emperor averaging in the 10-12kgs, with a couple going 14.5kg. Large snapper and sweetlip have been active, along with the usual mixed bag including parrot, Moses and pearl perch, husser, wrasse, cod and cobia.

A few rough days found us in close, however with persistence and searching we still pulled some great catches with quality pearl perch, red emperor, snapper, sweetlip, parrot, cod and the other typical reef species.

With large run-out tides and a bit of swell hanging around this last month, it has made for some interesting bar crossings coming in, and I would like to say thanks to my skipper, Ashley, who always seems to assess the situation well, stay calm and execute it perfectly – as perfectly as you can on that rotten bar!

With heaps of large reds and other great fish this month it’s hard to pick just two photos.  Whilst there have been a couple of 14.5kg reds caught, they cannot be the winner for last month’s big fish comp, as one is from overseas and not returning and one was mine!

So…. the winner in the photo below goes to Muzza (Murray Thomas), with his pair of nice red emperor, well done Murray!  ‘Til next month, safe boating, bent rods and enjoy this beautiful coast.

Cheers, Mat.

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