Rainbow Beach Fishing Report

Steven is happy with this quality snapper

Steven is happy with this quality snapper

by Mat Cooper, Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters,  0439775070

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner and summer is nearly upon us once again. It has been a very strange year fishing-wise, with higher water temperatures and of course a severe lack of rain.

As anyone knows a decent rain can make a huge difference to all waterways and at sea, consistent westerly winds have also made things a little tough at times.

On the fishing side we have been getting some nice quality parrot in good numbers along with snapper, sweetlip, red emperor and large pearl perch. A couple of trips out wide have produced plenty of good fish, with pretty much every species you can name.

With some better quality snapper getting about, the next couple of months should produce some good sessions. Catch you next month.  Cheers, Mat .

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