Rainbow Beach Fishing Report

by Tony Stewart.54868666.www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au

Early December produced only fair weather for Offshore Charters, but we were very busy through Christmas and the New Year. Somehow we managed more trips than the previous year even though the weather was terrible for half the year.

Mackerel, our normal catch for this time of year, have not really shown up. Still, it is not too late, as long as we don’t get flooding rains as this sends them well away from the coast. There has been plenty of Bait offshore and I even managed to scoop a net full of Pilchards into the boat on one trip.

Our main catches over the last  month have included Squire, Pearl Perch to (5kgs) Parrot, Moses Perch, Maori and Gold Spot Cod, Cobia and Dolphin Fish. Every time we find a good patch of Squire, the Sharks will inevitably turn up.

As I write this the wind has been blowing from the Southeast for 10 days but finally we should get  out in a couple of days then again on the long weekend if weather permits. After trips on February 9 and 10 we will be shutting down for a couple of months but should be back in action for the Easter weekend. Hopefully by Easter the bad weather will be gone.

‘Til next month –good fishing, hope you had a great Australia Day. (Go the Aussies.)



Catches from Double Island Point Fishing Charters

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