Rainbow Beach Droughtrunners

Another month has flown by and the season has rapidly changed in Western Queensland. Some areas that have had their best season in years around Mitchell, Morven and up to Blackall are now worried about fires as there is such a build up of old feed.

Many properties had little stock, and prices to restock were just prohibitive for many to buy up.

We have sent another $2000 into Longreach this month to CentaCare who are so busy attending to the Mental Health problems associated with years of drought.

Another $1500 has gone to the wonderful fencing group Fencing for Fires who are doing an unbelievable job fencing steep country in NE Victoria that was burnt last Christmas.

It’s no wonder, as the co-ordinator was in the Army in East Timor and he is a real worker and there are not many like him about.

If anyone can donate to him please do, as there is so much fencing still to do.(see his facebook page).

Last month we sent food hampers to Longreach and a load up to the Gin Gin area.

Thank you to Wayne Kerle and Ruth Tramacchi.

I must thank the IGAs again including Drake’s Gympie who have their collection trolley’s out again. Any little item of non-perishable food helps us greatly to make up our hampers.

Also thank the TCB bakery, Mitchell’s and Bernards again with collection tins.

Due to economic conditions we pulled most out, but will gradually return them before September holidays.

Also a big thank you to the mango chutney sellers, Martine Lokan and Andrew Kingsley, and with plenty of supplies on hand please try a jar to help our fire and drought victims.

We are planning another large load of hampers and Christmas presents into Longreach again this year, possibly late November.

We are still going after five years so thank you to all who have helped those in need!

Donations can be left at BOQ, Gympie or BSB 124047 A/C. 22599186.

Tony Stewart, Co-ordinator, Rainbow Beach Droughtrunners. 0408 767930.