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‘A big thank from the Mums at playgroup for a beautiful morning tea!’ Photo contributed RBSS

by Annette Collins and Ronnie Timperon

Morning Tea’s!!

What a great morning we members of the combined churches had, despite some cold and rainy weather, in the cosy atmosphere of the school library with the young mums and their children at the Mothers’ Day Playgroup Morning Tea! Thank you for having us – we look forward to doing it all again next year!

Our combined churches family was also happy to be a part of the R.B. School Kitchen Garden working bee providing the “smoko!” and helping with the lunchtime barbeque.

During “Chappy Week”, as a thank you to the school community for their warm welcome and support of Chappy Ronnie, we were also pleased to provide the R.B. School Staff with a special Morning Tea. “Thank You” to all who supported these occasions.

Our Good Shepherd Monthly Sunday Afternoon Family Gathering

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Margaret Missen readies the urn for smoko at the Kitchen Garden working bee

Last month we were especially treated to a presentation by KT Wallis and Joy Stovall who are “The Packs”, a folk duo, who play songs and tell stories about finding God in unexpected places. They are attempting to live simple lives, sharing who they are and what they have with people in need wherever they stumble upon them.

They have just embarked on a nationwide adventure in a 2003 Ford Falcon station wagon selling books and CD’s to survive and hope to make more money than they need so they can share some with their friends in Africa, India and the Philippines. We thank them for coming to share with us and pray for special blessings for them for their journey.

4pm Sunday, 15th June will be our next afternoon All Age Family Gathering & Sausage Sizzle (4pm third Sundays each month). You are invited to join us to share fun, engaging worship and a community Sausage Sizzle – not just for kids… for the whole family!

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Annette Collins and Ray Parker bring goodies to the hungry gardeners (notice the new view on the school oval behind!)

***New!! Homegroup Bible Study – 7pm Wednesdays at Chappy Ronnie’s home, 8 Larapinta Court, R.B. – all welcome! Inquiries 0413 135 867.

“200 Club” — This fundraising initiative to support our Gympie/Cooloola region chaplains entails a donation of $50 per month. If you wish to become a member of the “200 Club”, please contact Chappy Ronnie on 0413 135 867 – your generosity will be greatly appreciated!

Note: Please check the “What’s On” Page at back of paper for service details for both the Good Shepherd Church and St Peter the Fisherman Catholic Church and activities at the Good Shepherd Hall – all welcome, especially visitors!


Date Claimer:

**10.30am Monday, 7th July Annual Fashion Parade during Fishing Comp at the Church Hall.

Your prayers are requested – if you know anyone sick or in need of help and prayer, please contact the church. We offer our condolences to Cheryl Bizzell on the recent passing of her husband, the Reverend Graham Bizzell, our previous Gympie Uniting Church leader who passed away after a long illness in Toowoomba. Graham and Cheryl provided great pastoral care and teaching to our Good Shepherd Family and our thoughts and prayers are with Cheryl and her family. We also pray for Geraldine and Denise Farrelly, John Bradey, Ruby McLean, Pam Lidbetter, Lynn and Peri Sanchez, Audrey Gilbert, Barbara McGladrigan, Jahli, Seth, and, especially, Cyndari Parton as she recuperates from major spinal surgery in Brisbane. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Cyndari, BJ, Jake and all your family. We give thanks for the blessing of healing received.

“Do Good!!” Bob Gass www.thewordfortoday.com.au

‘…As we have opportunity, let us do good to all…’ (Galatians 6:10)

“It’s important never to confuse your life with your work. What you are can never compare with what you do. You will be the only person alive who has sole custody of your life…your mind and…your heart. It’s easier to write a resume than craft a spirit or build a character. And a resume is cold comfort when you’re sad, broke, or lonely, or when you’ve got back the test results and they’re not so good. So, get a life…not a manic pursuit of the next promotion or bigger pay-cheque or larger house. Do you really think you’d care about these things if you had an aneurysm or found a lump in your breast? Get a life in which you are generous…All of us want to do well, but if you don’t do good, doing well will never be enough!!”

The Church of the Good Shepherd, (17 Carlo Road), St Peter the Fisherman Catholic Church (59 Manooka Drive), Rainbow Beach Christian Radio – Vision Fm 87.6 God’s Blessings to All!

The softest pillow ever – a clear conscience!

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