Rainbow Beach and lovely beginnings

Photos by Jess McKenzie, Rainbow Beach Wedding Photography

Photos by Jess McKenzie, Rainbow Beach Wedding Photography

Once again Rainbow Beach is the place where people meet, fall in love, and become a family.

Alessia (Lexi) Castiglioni from Italy and Max Ghermann from Germany, met here in 2019. They became a couple after meeting at Arcobaleno restaurant. Max is not the first chef to tempt an Italian with their delicacies and he found his way to Alessia’s heart.

Alessia has recently launched her own business as she is a talented painter and artist.

The local couple married on 13 January in Rainbow Beach, with Occasions by Carolyn as marriage celebrant. Jess McKenzie, talented photographer of Rainbow Beach Wedding Photography, captured the emotions, the beauty of the landscape, both bush and beach.

Their families were not able to attend due to current international circumstances, although Alessia and Max’s day was filled with support and made special by the presence of their “adopted” family from Rainbow Beach.

We wish this lovely couple all the best, may the years ahead be filled with love and joy.

Elisa Mele

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