Quality catches

Steve with his PB parrot caught on Baitrunner

Steve with his PB parrot caught on Baitrunner

Hi all. Yes another month flies by and some warm weather has given us a little taste of what may be to come.

Fishing has been great again this month and should stay that way for another month before water temps start rising and some species move on or go a little quiet.

In saying that, the Pelagics will start showing up to give us some fun, amongst them the Mahi Mahi will be starting as well. Some great sweetlip have been active along with snapper and pearl perch.

Wider grounds have been productive with great quality parrot, reds, wrasse and husser.

A few good cobia around as well and some cracking AJ’s.

Unfortunately not a lot to report along the beaches, however it is good to see it’s starting to recover and some good gutters are starting to form again. That’s it guys, so till next month.

Cheers Mat

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