Plastic bag ban roll-out Bill goes to Parliament today

say no to plastic bagsThe National Retail Association (NRA) has partnered with government to guide Queensland retailers through the State’s impending ban on single-use plastic shopping bags, as legislation is introduced to Parliament today.

Chief Executive Dominique Lamb said the NRA was preparing to launch a campaign to raise awareness across the sector and among consumers, and guide retailers through their options ahead of its July 1, 2018 implemenation date.

“Shopping bag litter is an environmental hazard and we’re pleased the Queensland Government has committed $2.5 million in new funding over 2017/18 to go toward the implementation of a container refund scheme and ban on single-use plastic bags,” Ms Lamb said.

“This isn’t an easy thing to implement, but it’s necessary, and we’re committed to helping all retailers find more environmentally-friendly ways to service their customers.”

By working alongside the State Government, the NRA could ensure that retailers were represented fairly, and would be able address their questions and concerns well ahead of the effective date of the ban.

“We are here to make sure this transitionary period is as easy for the sector as possible, to find the best possible solutions for retailers, consumers and the environment.

“To ensure this transition is successful for retailers, we also need to raise awareness among consumers, to ensure widespread support.

“This initiative is a whole-of-government, consumer, and retailer issue, and we need to work together to make this work.

“We’re launching a website offering useful information and handy hints including a list of single-use plastic bag alternatives, to ensure both retailers and consumers are equally prepared for the transition,” Ms Lamb said.

The NRA will also host education workshops all over state as part of the awareness campaign to help retailers understand the ban, why it’s important and how they’ll likely be affected by it – as well as tips on how to discuss it with shoppers.

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