Plant of the Month, September 2022

Plant of the Month, September 2022 - Xanthostemon chrysanthus

Xanthostemon chrysanthus or Golden Penda

Xanthostemon chrysanthus

A popular tree native to South East Queensland, also known as Golden Penda, it grows from 5 – 10 metres.

It thrives in loamy to sandy loam soils that are well drained. Good for frost-free sunny positions.

Trusses of golden flowers are borne towards the ends of branches in summer and autumn and are good for nectar feeding wildlife. Foliage is attractive when the tree is not flowering with leaves being large and glossy. Will respond to pruning.

This tree is now available in dwarf form growing from 3 – 4 metres tall and 1 – 2 metres wide.

If you do not wish to collect your free trees for rate notices, you might consider asking the City Farm staff to put them aside for the Tin Can Bay or Rainbow Beach schools. They would be appreciated.

Cooloola City Farm Nursery is located opposite the Community Centre at 17 Amity Place off Tin Can Bay Road.

Opening Hours:  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays   8am-3.00pm.               

Cash or EFTPOS acceptable

Phone: (07) 5486-2304

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