Plan your #LiftLegend

Queenslanders are being reminded to stay safe by organising a #LiftLegend to get home.

Transport and Main Roads Minister, Mark Bailey, said putting your hand up to do the driving at some point this weekend was a legend move.

Many of us may travel around the coast or away from our coast, to catch up with family and friends for a barbeque and a drink or two.

Mr Bailey said, “We’re asking people to plan their #LiftLegend in advance if they’re planning to drink.

“A #LiftLegend can be a friend, loved one, colleague, the local bus or cab driver—anyone really.

“They’re the legends who sit one out for the team to ensure everyone has a good time and gets home safely.”

Mr Bailey also stressed the importance of obeying the road rules, driving to conditions and being patient on Queensland roads.

“Impulsive mistakes on the road during these times cause too many avoidable deaths every year.

“Tragically, 247 people died and thousands more were seriously injured on Queensland roads last year.

“Don’t take risks like speeding, checking your phone, forgetting your seatbelt, or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs – it’s just not worth it.”

Another option if you are planning an outing close by is to WALK! No #LiftLegend needed.

Visit for tips and tools on how to be safer and better on the road.

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