People on our ‘retirement trail’

Carol and Tim are prospectors from Tea Gardens

Carol and Tim are prospectors from Tea Gardens

Peter and Margaret Grant, Saturn Antennas

Our theme for this year of The Retirement Trail has been a very interesting experience so far. When it was first suggested to us that we follow the “Retirement Trail”, I was a little doubtful that we would find enough topics to write about, I was wrong.

We have had so much fun, met so many interesting people, photographed lots of different vehicles used by those who are retired and seen many styles of retirement places. So far, the best fun has been chatting with people who are retired.

Let me share the stories of some of the people we have met on our travels. First of all there was Tim and Carol who divide their time between Tea Gardens on the coast just north of Newcastle and a tiny community called Grawin, about 60 kms from Lightning Ridge.

Tim told me he and Carol became interested in prospecting when they visited Sovereign Hill in Ballarat. They had so much fun there ‘panning for gold’ with their kids that they took up prospecting as a hobby. Now they hunt for opals around Lightning Ridge.

Carol says they have the best retirement life because they enjoy the peace and solitude of prospecting, tempered with the laid back lazy life beside the sea. They stopped in to discuss the pros and cons of using a satellite system for TV reception when they are out at Lightning Ridge.

And then there was John, a vintage motorbike enthusiast from Melbourne who was doing up a Mercedes Sprinter as a motorhome that could also carry his beloved motorbike.

John purchased a Saturn Travellers Mate TV antenna to put on the roof of his motorhome. His passion for his pastime was amazing.

Even though I have no interest in motorbikes, I was enthralled by his tales of the places he had been for historic motorbike races including Tasmania, New Zealand, Phillip Island and all around Australia.

Just recently in Hervey Bay, we caught up with many people we knew at the annual Mundubbera Reunion. In the caravan park, we were beside Arnold and Linda who had travelled all over Australia.

Arnold, being a mechanic in his working life, told us of all the places that he gets called back to for a few hours, days or weeks to help out with mechanical problems.

John's T-shirt, Adelaide

John’s T-shirt, Adelaide

Many of these places are more remote and they have difficulty getting tradesmen to come that far. Linda is very happy that Arnold is kept busy now and then. Hahaha.

I was very cheeky in Adelaide when I spied this man’s T-shirt. He laughed when I asked him if I could take a photo of him and his T-shirt. What do you think?

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