People must eat more fruit and vegetables

Alex Kingsley (back, centre) wants us all to be healthy

Alex Kingsley (back, centre) wants us all to be healthy

It is so necessary that Australians should eat more fruit and vegetables to protect children from sickness. Our health is so necessary to take care of because if you don’t you are asking for your child to suffer from bad foods!

Also you are wasting your money on bad food that costs $50 or more when you can pay $2 for a bunch of bananas!

Or you can get something way tastier than KFC, like a salad sandwich or a juicy apple!  You’ll be a bit stupid if you’re not healthy, Sooooooooooo be healthy.

People should definitely eat more fruit and veg because it gives your child vitamins and minerals!

Your child must have fruit and veg unless YOU WANT THEM FAT!  It gives them the energy they need to get through school, but if you don’t have your fruit and veg you could fall asleep in class and fail on your tests.

Your fruit and veg don’t cost that much money, not like fish and chips and nuggets. You are spending money to get your child sick from KFC and other bad foods. Also you are wasting money on your child by buying all of that bad food when you can get something good that’s cheap.

You can buy healthy foods for your child that taste way better than junk food. You’ve got to imagine the sweet natural sugar, you don’t want to imagine the junk food! You would throw up.

You can also get something healthy and your child likes the taste of it as well. You should definitely eat more fruit and veg today. They are healthy, don’t cost much and taste great. Fruit and vegetables are the best food in the world.

Unedited version by Alex ‘Eat More Fruit and Veg’ Kingsley, Year 3, RBSS

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