Outings for Over 60s

The Over 60s gang invite you to join their adventures

The Over 60s gang invite you to join their adventures

Flying High Bird Park

We headed off on an overcast day, and with some of that wet stuff falling on our group outing to  the Flying High Bird Park at Apple Tree Creek. By the time we got there, though still rather chilly, it was sunny skies.

After a lovely cuppa and warm muffins we all trooped through meandering paths, oohing and ahhing at all the colourful birds. A couple of our ladies had a few very friendly birds come sit on their shoulders, one for a snuggle in her hair, the other took a shine to one of her earrings and tried to unclip it.

We continued around through the zoo area, among the kangaroos, goats, alpacas, emu, and ostrich. Verdict was a resounding GREAT! from all. We then headed back to Maryborough for a late lunch.


Nine of our lot headed off to the Cheese Factory at Kenilworth, on a rainy morning. First priority was coffee, scones, with lots of jam and cream, as well as berry muffins (YUM).

We all raided the cheese and yoghurt fridges and loaded up for the next month or so. Then we were off to explore the shops and ended up at the local pub for lunch.

All voted it a great day out!

Our next Morning Coffee will be 10am, July 6 at the Rainbow Beach Surf Club. Call Dorothy on 54862357 to join our friendly group.

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