Out on Baitrunner

Baitrunner - Regular Beu with another nice pair of Reds

Regular Beu with another nice pair of Reds

Hi All.

Firstly I hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve. Fishing over the last month has been awesome and for this time of the year especially. We have even managed to bad out the boat with snapper around Christmas time in a couple of hours and only keeping the larger ones.

Plenty of quality Pearl Perch have also been coming over and the occasional nice trout. We managed a few nice Reds, however the sharks seem to be winning with quite a few heads coming up.

Parrot, Moses Perch, husser, wrasse, cod, cobia, and sweetlip have been putting plenty of colour in the mix.

It’s impossible to pick just two pictures so remember to look up Facebook for all the catches and regular posts.


Cheers Mat

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