Out and About at the Invitation Four Bowls Carnival

The Invitation Four Bowls Carnival was a huge success, there was even international representation! Pictured below are teams of locals and visitors and the maroon team is from Wellington , New Zealand.

2014 Bowls winners

The winners left to right are: Tim Diedricks. Adam Hateley, Glen Whyte, Paul Hendricks

Tim and Paul are based at the Mooloolaba Club. Adam and Glen are members of Rainbow Beach Club.  Winners prize was $ 4000.00.  There were 64 player in 16 teams from Queensland, New South Wales and New Zealand competing.

Rainbow Beach based team came in 5Th place which was a good effort. The winners were the only team to go undefeated over the 6 games last time this occurred was 4 years ago.  And this was also the second time this team has won.

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