No. 5 on the world’s most beautiful beaches list

progress spare coloured sands picby Kaye Silich, President Rainbow Beach Progress Assoc. Inc.

We’ve always known we have the one of the worlds’ best beaches! Let’s get it out there!

(Rainbow Beach is listed in fifth place as a place to visit by Huffington Post)

Rainbow Beach is a world class asset and a great incentive for our local and state governments and tourism organisations to concentrate resources in the area. This is why our Progress Association is doing whatever it can to contribute – to bring visitors to our unique and unforgettable region – and put us firmly on the world stage.

Rainbow Beach Festival – September 5&6,  2015.

After recent consultation with Indigenous owners we have changed the festival name temporarily, however, we are open to suggestions from locals and have had a couple, such as: Rainbow Beach Cultural Festival, Rainbow Beach Festival of Culture and Rainbow Beach Heritage Festival. Please let me know your ideas and opinions on the name soon. We are putting the final touches to our RADF funding application and GRC Community Funding – which will be lodged in late February.

We have a local professional Indigenous dance group interested in performing and they may also help with our groups of school children who we hope will perform their dances on the Saturday of the festival. Interested market stall owners and possible workshop providers can contact me on the details below.

John Vasta, (President of Sunshine Coast Sports Aviators) has advised he is in the last stages of obtaining permits and sorting out issues for this new event and we will hear from him again soon; however, it may be next year before this festival can be organised.

After a very informative conversation with the previous organiser (who has offered to help further) we would like to resurrect this festival, possibly within the Rainbow Beach Festival weekend, and are calling for volunteers to form a committee and get this event up and running again. I believe it would be a great addition to the region’s event calendar. Please contact me (see below).

Please SAVE THE DATE if you would like to volunteer for administration, co-ordinating markets, dance groups, beach activities – and let me know your availability, skills and experience. Many thanks.

After our initial excitement about getting money spent on roads in our region to boost our community and increase tourism visitors –  we now realise  this may not happen given the state election results. All the more reason to plan ahead and try to draw visitors in with new and interesting events.

If you are willing to volunteer or help with the festival, please contact Kaye on 0448 889 781 or by email: Thank you.

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