Nippers end the season

Congratulations Age Champions

Congratulations Age Champions

As this is my third year in the position of Junior Activities Co-ordinator, I have still had quite a few questions to ask, so I would like to say a massive thank you to Vicki Schooth, for  your advice and support over the season yet again.  And more importantly for being my water safety supervisor throughout the season. An important role that nippers could simply not function without.

Well, we’ve all survived yet another exciting season filled with fun games, activities, beach & surf safety awareness, new skills and fitness.

This season we’ve had just under 80 Nippers registered with our Club, and I’m sure that each one of them has benefited from the program through better safety awareness, surf skills, rescue techniques, first aid/CPR and much more.

Nerissa Legge, who retires from JAC after three years in the role, congratulations and thanks everyone for a great season

Nerissa Legge, who retires from JAC after three years in the role, congratulations and thanks everyone for a great season

This season would not have been the success it was without a lot of support, so I sincerely thank the following people:

  • Age Managers and Assistants – without them, there would simply be no nippers program.  They are the ones who have volunteered to take responsibility for coaching an age group, educating the kids on Surf and Beach Safety, Water and Board skills. They’ve kept the children safe and entertained for two hours solid each Sunday, rain, hail or shine….

Thank you for taking the time and putting your hands up to help the nippers.  Thanks too, to those parents who have filled in when required.

  • Water Safety Team- without them, we can’t even get in the water. Thanks for keeping us all safe this season, and for your assistance with training.  I’d also like to acknowledge those  who completed their Bronze Medallion course during the season, and have been able to assist with Water Safety.
  • Ron Organ– for his never-ending support, behind the scenes jobs and taking over water safety roles when needed..
  • Nic Lunney – our wonderful admin lady who does all the behind the scenes work, registrations, emails, processing competencies and awards, and a wealth of knowledge for me throughout the season.
  • Michelle Gilmore – for running Uniform Sales so smoothly.
  • Justin Schooth – First Aid & CPR training
  • Tracey Hethorn Fiona Worthington– Sign on lady who keep things under control at the tent.
  • Brad Hethorn – For your support, advice and skills in supporting myself and all the nippers with whatever role I have asked of you. I would like to mention Brad, his wife Tracey and
  • Remy their daughter, have helped out all season even though their children have outgrown nippers. You guys are greatly appreciated.
  • Tracey Hethorn– for organising the Christmas break up, and this breakup,
  • Thanks also, to all the wonderful Mums & Dads who have helped with the breakup today.
  • Shane Handy, our club president & the committee for their support.
  • Don Reid  for the use of the sound system
  • And all parents who have helped out or contributed throughout the season. I’d also like to thank the following Supporters for their donations toward our breakup today:
  • Gympie Printing for the attendance certificates
  • QCivil for sponsorship of all Male Age Champion trophies.
  • Cooloola Coast Realty for sponsorship of Female Age Champion trophies.
  • Cafe Jilarty for sponsorship of all Most Consistent trophies.
  • Rainbow Sea Resort for sponsorship of the Most Improved trophies
  • Sleepy Lagoon Hotel for sponsorship of the Encouragement trophies
  • Tony Perrett For sponsorship of Most Outstanding Nipper Trophy
  • Sportspower Gympie, Rainbow Fruit, , Cooloola Coast Cabinets and Next Generation Electrix for sponsorship of the Age Champ Vouchers and Prizes
  • Gympie Veterinary Services and QCivil for sponsoring our customised Towels for  Age Champion Prizes
  • Andrew Kingsley and Rainbow Beach Fruit for providing the salad and fruit for today’s breakup

Now let’s get on with the important part of our breakup and present some awards!

Brad Hethorn farewell the U14's and congratulate those who are continuing on the beach as lifesavers

Brad Hethorn farewell the U14’s and congratulate those who are continuing on the beach as lifesavers

100% Attendance Certificates

We have 1 recipient for this certificate.

These kids deserves recognition for attending every single training session throughout the season! Congratulations to

Indiana Wintle-Legge

Lily Wintle-Legge

Jasmine Wintle-Legge

Please come up the front to receive your certificate.

Before I announce the rest of the awards, I should explain about the Surf Life Saving Certificates.  This year each age group has been working towards getting their respective SLS Certificates.  These include Surf Play (greencaps), Surf Aware (U8 & 9’s), Surf Safe (U10 & 11’s) and Surf Smart (U12 & 13’s).  They are designed to improve surf skills, safety & awareness and are performed on a lesson by lesson basis.  Age Managers have tried to get as many nippers through their awards as possible, however not all children have attained their certificates due to absences on given lesson days.

A very important part of our season is the age championships which are held over 3 separate days.

Our nippers get the chance to show their skills and compete against their peers for points. These points are added up to see who is the overall age champion for the season.

I would like to announce these age champions. Male Age Champion Trophies are sponsored by QCivil,  The female age champion trophies are sponsored by Cooloola Coast Realty

Vouchers and prizes sponsored by Sportspower Gympie, Rainbow Fruit, Gympie Veterinary Services, Cooloola Coast Cabinets and Next Generation Electrix.

For a third season, we have an award for

Most Outstanding Nipper sponsored by Tony Perrett.

This award has been introduced to recognize the most outstanding nipper in the club.  The criteria to be considered for this award include all of the following:

  • Skill
  • Attendance
  • Attitude
  • Enthusiasm
  • Motivation
  • Behavior
  • Club Representative at Competitions

Outstanding candidates are nominated by Age Managers, and the difficult decision is handled by a small panel.

I am proud to announce the most outstanding Nipper for Rainbow Beach SLSC, 2016 sponsored by Tony Perrett, Member for Gympie is Alex Brantz, Congratulations Alex.

Well done SRC awardees and especially Under 14’s who have completed their final year of Nippers Maddy Betteridge, Alex Brantz, Zac, Jorja Duggan, Keely Flaconer, Hugh Gilmore, Abby Schooth and Jasmine Wintle-Legge were presented a prize sponsored by RBCC Community News and Rainbow Getaway Holiday Apartments.

Thanks everyone, for a fun filled nippers season, As this is my last year in position of Junior Activities Co-ordinator, I would like to thank you all for a your support and hugely successful season(s) whilst in this position. I wish the future JAC all the success and support for the future and hopefully we’ll see you back on the beach again next season, to do it all again.

Nerissa Legge

Age Group Age Managers Sleepy Lagoon Hotel


Rainbow Sea

Most Improved

Cafe Jilarty

Most Consistent

U6 Kerri-Lee Sheard Emelie Dwine Luke Richardson Brandi Kenman
U7 Ava Sheard Tiahna Misso James Bergin
QCivil Male * Cooloola Coast Realty Female *
U8 Remy Hethorn Suzanne Norman Taylah Rooks Hannah Cruickshank Luke Lattanzi Zoe

Nerissa Legge

Josie Thompson

Ashleigh McKay Lily Stapleton Mason Bignell Ella Falconer
U10 Jake Rooks Indiana Wintle-Legge Alex Kingsley Emily Schooth
U11 Heatley Gilmore Rebecca Duggan Gwen Stapleton Lotte Klein Jimmy Duggan Jasmin White
U12 Eddie Walters Kayla Meldrum Archie Gilmore Matilda Duggan
U13 Brad Hethorn Casey Dobson Charlie Kingsley Alex Brantz Sophie Schooth
U14 Caleb Letham Zac Jack Walter Abby Schooth

*Prizes sponsored by Sportspower Gympie, Rainbow Fruit, Gympie Veterinary Services, Cooloola Coast Cabinets and Next Generation Electrix


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