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Tin Can Bay State School Crazy Hair Day

Crazy Hair Day

Tin Can Bay P-10 State School celebrated Harmony Day with a Crazy Hair Day. Harmony Day is about celebrating diversity, multiculturalism, and belonging in our community. This year we have celebrated it in conjunction with Bullying No Way Day.

Over the last 3 weeks of term, students have been learning about what is bullying, what is not bullying and strategies to manage bullying. At Tin Can Bay we use the Reboot language and call bullying ‘Power Over’.

We strive to have relationships that nurture ‘Power with’ and ‘Keeping your Power’. Students have been developing and practising their strategies and skills in each of these areas.

Harmony Day is a great opportunity to embrace our differences and Crazy Hair Day embodies this theme perfectly. Staff and students alike, have a lot of fun with creating elaborate crazy hair dos while also focusing on the importance of getting along, connecting with and belonging in our community.

A recent article in the local paper linked suspension data with assumptions about overall behaviour of students at our school.  As part of the focus for building a culture for learning at Tin Can Bay, we have taken a firm stand on dealing with behaviour that is unsafe or impacts on the learning of other students.

Our Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students is a comprehensive policy that ensures that strong processes are in place, with clear consequences for behaviour that is unsafe or interferes with the learning.

The majority of our students at the school consistently meet the expectations outlined in our 3 school agreements which are:

  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be a Learner

Reboot is a proactive program which provides young people with the tools and skills they need to regulate their emotions.  Already, we have seen both the number of behaviour incidents and suspensions in the school drop by over 50%. Please continue to talk with your child at home about the 5 faces, what they mean, and what strategies they can use to take a minute and remain calm.

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