National Trust Heritage Month: April 16 – May 18, 2016

HeritageMonth2016Brennan and Geraghty Store Museum

With over 50,000 items of stock, some of which date back as far as the 1890s, Brennan and Geraghty’s Store is like no other shop. Established in 1871 by brothers-in-law Patrick Brennan and Martin Geraghty, the store remained in the same family for 101 years, until its closure in 1972. The doors were closed on over 50,000 stock items, in addition to the store’s trading records – all of which were in original condition. Upon acquisition of the store and adjoining residence and cottage by the National Trust of Queensland in 1975, the property was reopened as a heritage museum with an interesting twist on consumerism. Find out more about the people that relied on the store for their daily needs from the 1870s to the early 1900s. Volunteers are currently delving into the shop ledgers and banking records and have already found the names of over 10,000 people that shopped here during that period. Ledgers and other documentation will be on display for you to view.

Brennan and Geraghty Store Museum
64 Lennox St
Maryborough 10-3

25th Anniversary Celebrations!

The Wide Bay Hospitals Museum Soc Inc celebrates it’s 25th Anniversary this year. During the past 25 years, this small museum and it’s members has been the custodian for, been preserving, and researching the history of Maryborough’s early public hospitals. Along the way a few discoveries have been made. The Museum displays items and documents relating yo Maryborough’s early public general hospitals and maternity hospitals from the 1850s. These relate to the first purpose built public hospital outside of Brisbane in 1865 and later the current hospital in 1887 as well as maternity services and maternity hospitals, the first of which was built in 1888. Displays will enable you to discover  or ediscover Maryborough’s public hospitals progression in order to meet the needs of the changing community from its early settlement. You will see photos, building plans, old medical equipment as well as copies of 1860s Hospital Management Committee minutes. Join us to celebrate our anniversary. The Hospitals Museum is situated in the 1928 built heritage listed building in the hospital grounds. Discover what 25 years of preservation and research of our Hospitals history has achieved to date.

Open Thursdays 9am to 12 noon.

Wide Bay Hospitals Museum
36 Yaralla St

Do you have stories and photos from the Cooloola Coast?

Our living history – it could be from the 60s, further back or even significant events just a few years ago!

Gympie Regional Libraries are using the National Trust theme of Discovery and Rediscovery to highlight the history of the Cooloola Coast.

They are working on displays, information sessions and opportunities to gather stories and photographs from the community in relation to history and events that have occurred in the Cooloola Coast region from before the settlement of Europeans to now.

If you wish to contribute to this exciting project please contact Beth Wilson at the Gympie Regional Libraries on 5481 0859.

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