Music and madness at Cooloola Cove

Sue Flower and Lucien Lowe mandolin and guitar.

Sue Flower and Lucien Lowe mandolin and guitar.

A good night’s entertainment on Thursday, March 31 at 7pm in the Vets’ and Community Hall, Cooloola Cove. New ideas have been forming over the Christmas break and beyond, so lots of surprises and new experiences happening.

We may hear the new ‘Coolabay Choir,’ and we’ll definitely be entertained by new and old jokesters and musicians.

Come and join the Coolabay Choir who meet on every other Wednesday at 3pm in the Cooloola Coast Bowls Club. Call Pam(below) for details.

The best therapy we can recommend is to sing, play and/or listen to music and on these nights you can do all three! Don’t miss the opening of three months worth of musical gifts and, if you would like to join in the fun, call Pam Graham on 5488 0110 or e-mail:

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