Memorable dolphin experience

Dolphin feeding at Tin Can Bay March 2020During February the dolphin viewing still attracted visitors, though not as many as during December and January.

The dolphins were very regular so the visitors were treated to a wonderful experience.

Even with all the recent rain and so much tannin in the water, the dolphins didn’t seem to mind. They just love interacting with the public and of course receive a small feed.

The dolphins are only given 3kg of fish per day and this has no bearing on their wildness as they eat over 15kgs per day.

Some comments in our visitors’ book are below.

“Such a beautiful, memorable experience. Thank you very much to all volunteers. Family from Dalby”

“Gorgeous, life changing, thank you”

“It was always a dream!! Best way to come to a dolphin so close. Love it. Thank you very much” Robin – Germany

Norma Sanderson, Dolphin Volunteer and Coordinator